Growing up in a small farming community in Northern Alberta, Janice developed a deep passion for God and nature. Shortly after completing high school, she married and continued to reside in the country where she raised her four children and pursued a career in photography.

After several years as a professional photographer, and her two oldest children were young adults, Janice sold her home in the country and moved to London, England with her two youngest daughters. It was time to pursue the university education that she had always dreamed of. With suitcases packed, the three journeyed across the pond to relocate in an urban setting where lights, buses, and the tube replaced the quiet countryside in rural Alberta.

The transition was difficult and challenging, and after a full year, the three returned to Canada, where Janice continued to pursue a university degree in Psychology from The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta.

After graduating with honors, Janice and her family returned to the small farming community that they had once loved, and Janice continued to persevere – as a single parent – through graduate studies and finally a PhD from Brunel University in the UK. In spite of the difficulties, she has learned how to overcome and lean on the faith that has continued to stir her heart since childhood.

Janice is a passionate writer and speaker, who is able to teach from the heart and address the deep-set hurts that prevent people from developing their full potential. Her vision is to encourage, equip, and empower people to thrive in spite of their difficulties and challenges.


PhD – Integrated Studies
Thesis concentrations: Autoethnography, Feminism, Christian Theology, and Identity Formation
Brunel University (London School of Theology)
London, UK

Graduate courses with Athabasca University 
Athabasca University
Athabasca, Alberta Canada

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Distinction
The King’s University
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Certificate in Theology and Counselling
Brunel University (London School of Theology)
London, UK

Personal Development

Janice has raised four children single-handedly, while pursuing 14 years of university education. Amidst these tasks, Janice has travelled extensively and participated in humanitarian missions in Mexico and Tibet. In 2006, she cycled across Canada with the Canadian Bible Society. The purpose of this cycling trip was to purchase Bibles for children and inmates in Canada.

For hobbies, Janice enjoys spending time with her family and especially her grandchildren, as well as horseback riding and gardening.

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