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The Me Workbook is all about becoming your true self and loving your life!

What is your true self?

Your true self is:

  1. Characterized by an inner strength that is flexible and yet unmovable. 
  2. Being motivated by love instead of fear
  3. Healthy self-appraisals
  4. Loving self and others
  5. Freedom

Living your true self is knowing how to turn your brokenness into resilience, your fear into faith, and your weakness into strength. It is extraordinary living, and it is accessible to everyone.

Extraordinary women may not have great beginnings, but they always have great endings.

What is between you and the life you desire?
Learn how to work through your personal obstacles and discover
the joy of living your true self!

This book covers so many books in one.
It is incredible. Truly transforming!


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The Me Workbook: Seven Simple Steps to Living Your True Self,
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