The Me Workbook:
Seven Simple Steps to Living Your True Self

This unique workbook is filled with everything you need to live your true self. Each chapter  is comprised of key points for moving forward, step by step discovery lessons, reflective questions for insight, placeholders for personal notes, and multiple easy to complete self-reflective activities to help you identify personal obstacles to the life you were created to live. 

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Arise Workshop for Women

Arise and become all that God has purposed you to be!

Arise comes from the old English word ārīsan, which means to emerge—to come into being and arise from (or out of) conflict, uncertainty, confusion and/or difficulties. It means to take action—to stand up and move beyond your immediate circumstances.

Every person has the potential to arise and develop her unique potential. The goal of this 7 week workshop is to position you to rise above your immediate circumstances and live an extraordinary life in spite of the difficulties that you may be experiencing.

Together, we strive to identify, understand, and overcome the relational, emotional and/or spiritual obstacles that may be hindering your potential.

This workshop is intensive, but it is also life changing. The worksop includes: The Me Workbook, videos,  lesson notes and resources to support you and ensure personal  growth and success.

Workshop Outline

Who am I?

This unique program begins with the vital question: Who am I?

This is one of the most important questions that you will ever ask yourself. Each person’s destiny is largely shaped by how he or she answers this question.

Take a moment to think about this question: Who are you? Do you consider yourself worthy of love? Are your abilities adequate? What are your desires; are they being satisfied? Do you have a vision for yourself–a goal that you are working towards? Is your life characterized more by joy or by sadness – by hope or by despair? Do you feel purposeful, or do struggle with insignificance as you journey through life?

Discovering your True Self  begins with an exploration of ‘who’ you are. It is a journey of self-examination that will enable you to unveil and discover your real potential self.

Step One – Ordinary Women – Extraordinary Lives

This purpose of this introductory lesson is to help you visualize yourself as a unique and valuable woman. What makes you valuable? What are your limitations? What are your potentials? What does the extra-ordinary life look like?

Week Two – Self-Worth: Conditional or Unconditional

Week two examines the pinnacle of all questions: Who am I? The focus of this session is to explore and understand how you are viewing yourself. We will look at how perceptions of self-worth develop and how some of your perceptions might be hindering the development of your True Self. In closing, we will explore alternative foundations for healthy self-worth.

Week Three – Take Off the Mask: I Want to Be Me!

This week addresses false perceptions, thoughts, and images that may be separating you from your True Self. Through personal reflection and powerful activities, you will discover key strategies for overcoming the  barriers that are limiting you.

Week Four – Confidence without Fear

Confidence without fear addresses basic fears that the majority of people (I would say most) experience in life (i.e.: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of death). Utilizing resources that have been academically proven, this  lesson will provide you with an opportunity to examine any and address  any fears, anxieties, or worries that are blocking you. 

Week Five – He Loves Me

Perfect love casts out all fear, but how can we embrace perfect love? In this session, we will discuss—and seek to embrace—the power of knowing God’s perfect love for you.

Week Six – Forgiveness – Finding Freedom through Grace

Without forgiveness, we remain in bondage to our past hurts and experiences. This intense session focuses on the hurts and wounds that you have experienced. Through a powerful 10-step process of forgiveness, you will rise above your past experiences and take control of your destiny once again.

Week Seven – Breaking Free to Be Me!

We are finally here! After seven weeks of intense introspection and insights, you are equipped to move forward and embrace your True Self. This session begins by going back to Week One and exploring your dreams and desires once again. However, this time you will be compiling those dreams and desires into a comprehensive plan of action. To equip you for success, we will discuss some of the obstacles and difficulties that you might encounter when you step out to embrace your True Self. Breaking Free to Be Me is about freedom, potential, and purpose.

Week Eight – Review, Revisions and Rewrites

The last week is a time to relax and share some of the highlights from the workshop. In particular, we will briefly review some of the key points from the workshop, explore how these insights move people to revise their beliefs, thoughts, and styles of relating, and how these revisions enable you to rewrite your destiny in a model for right living that is secure and successful.

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