Arise Workshop for Women

Arise and become all that God has purposed you to be!

Arise comes from the old English word ārīsan, which means to emerge—to come into being and arise from (or out of) conflict, uncertainty, confusion and/or difficulties. It means to take action—to stand up and move beyond your immediate circumstances.

Every woman has the potential to arise and develop her unique potential. The goal of this 7 week workshop is to position women to rise above their immediate circumstances and live extraordinary lives in spite of the difficulties that they may be experiencing.

Together, we strive to identify, understand, and overcome the relational, emotional and/or spiritual obstacles that are hindering a person’s potential.

This workshop is intensive, but it is also life changing. There are weekly sessions, a group forum for support, a print workbook, and a detailed summary sheet that corresponds with each session. In addition, there is ongoing personal teaching, mentoring, and support to ensure personal growth and success.

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