Do you believe in yourself?

Please note that this quiz is for personal use only, and it is not intended to be a diagnosis or psychological assessment.

1. Would you rather be you than anyone else?

2. Do you make decisions based on the needs of others?

3. Are you more concerned with others than you are for yourself?

4. Do you refrain from giving your opinion or sharing your beliefs with others?

5. Do you downplay your abilities?

6. Do you pursue actions that are necessary for a healthier you?

7. Is your opinion valuable?

8. Do you push yourself to try new things that are challenging?

9. Do you deserve the same opportunities as everyone else?

10. Do you put others ahead of yourself all of the time?

11. Do you talk about a lot of things that you would like to be or do, but never take any steps towards the things that you talk about?

12. Do you believe that you are unique and valuable?

13. Are you happy?

14. Do you take time for yourself?

15. Do you say yes to others even when it is inconvenient and/or not in your best interest?

16. Are you continually saying: “I’m sorry”?

17. Do you look forward to the things that are ahead of you?

18. Do you often feel anxious, downcast, or irritated?

19. Do you ruminate about the things that you did wrong?

20. Do you ever feel like you are just 'not good enough'?

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