The Unfolding of Faith

Elusive longing, why do you pursue me?
Unchanging and unwavering
The firmness of your hand renders me helpless.
Abandoned and forgiven
Desire that is unreachable
I cover my face, frustrated by my humanness
Intangible, hidden, show me thy countenance
Shackled in a tempest of will
Despondent, exhausted, I surrender to your sovereignty
Waves calm, I am still alive!
My spirit rests
Death becomes life.


I am strong – invincible
Towering over my own weaknesses, I boast in vain
Destroying, hurting, hindering as I create my own destiny
Fueled by the ignorance of youth

A false security of pride
Foolish, yet seemingly wise
The winds move me
I am deceived by the favor of their direction

The underbrush is no obstacle
The pines, my challenge
There are no barriers

Without notice, the wind turns
The flames upon my face
I pull back, consumed by the pain

A cascade of tears weakens me
Smoldering, I struggle to survive
The ember fades
I am transformed by the darkness

I am weak – limited
Smothered by the reality of fate, I renounce my will
Comforting, healing, building as my destiny unfolds
Strengthened by the humility of years

Shackled by Despair

You’re supposed to be there for me
Three times, I tried
Three times, I fell
I called you
But there was no answer
Your silence tested me
Fear clothed me
The terror of the night taunted me
I am lost in this desert
Shackled by despair
You’re supposed to be here for me.

Is This Love?

I prayed for love
And you showed me that I could ask for anything.

So, I prayed for strength
And you gave me enduring trials that would stretch me beyond my own abilities.

I prayed for a soul mate
And you showed me a unique purpose through extended years of singleness.

I prayed for prosperity
And you showed me how deeply attached I was to things of this world through limited finances.

I prayed for your presence
And you gave me silence to learn how to still myself before your throne.

I prayed for justice
And you showed me how to forgive those who treated me unjustly.

I prayed for faith
And you lead me into a desert that stripped me of all of my resources except for you.

I prayed for you to bless my plans
And you taught me acceptance and how to trust you with yours.

I prayed not to be judged
And you taught me tolerance for those who speak without wisdom or knowledge.

I prayed for freedom from suffering
And you taught me how to concern myself with you and not the things of this world.

I prayed for wisdom
And you showed me life in the periphery of my vision.

I prayed to know you.
And in discovering you, I discovered myself.

I prayed for love . . . Is this love?


Time: cherish it; it is one of life’s most precious gifts.

Use it wisely and forsake not the pleasures of quiet moments with God, loved ones, and nature.

Live humbly, and never allow pride to deprive you of the freedom that comes from letting go of your Self.

Live gratefully, and meditate on your blessings for there are no guarantees for tomorrow.

Live freely and without fear. Take risks, and allow your experiences to teach you about the gift of life and your time here on earth.

And above all, live joyfully, enjoying each day as it comes. Learn how to laugh at your Self, dance with your soul, and sing with your spirit.

Time: cherish it; it is an irreplaceable gift that cannot be held or touched – only lived.

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