Why do the workshops include faith?
For several years, I studied psychology, and I was concerned with some of the low rates of healing for things like depression and anxiety. For many challenges, the goal was to learn how to manage the condition rather than overcome and be completely set free from it.

Through faith, there are no limits to the possibilities of growth. Since God is a God of the impossible, impossibilities become possible. With human-centered models of development, the model used for healing can never surpass the abilities of the instructor or the person. When faith is incorporated into models of growth and development, the prior limits are removed – since God has no limits. Even personal limitations of growth become a platform for growth when they are surrendered to a loving God.

My workshops include faith because our abilities are limited, and many people are burdened by complex emotional and/or relational experiences that they are unable to resolve through their own effort or the efforts of humanism. It is my estimation that if personal wholeness were fully accessible through human effort, our world would not display the brokenness that it does.

I should also mention that faith and religion are not synonymous. Faith is a relationship with God (through Christ) that depends on God and is developed through relational interactions. Religion is a belief system that is developed through religious obligations, rites, and/or rituals. With religion, a person’s status with God is based on performance, so there is always a hierarchal system. Contrary to religion, there is no hierarchal system with faith. Through Jesus, every person has access to God, and wholeness is accessible through a relationship that is more dependent upon God than our works (which is contrary to religion).

Can I speak with anyone if I have questions while I am working through a workshop?
Yes, you can schedule to speak with an expert at any time as you work through the workshop.
Do I have to be a Christian to register for a workshop?
No, you do not need to be a Christian to register in a workshop. The workshop is designed for Christian and non-Christian participants. Even if you do not know anything about Christianity, you can register in a workshop and participate.
How do I know if I will benefit from this workshop?
The people who will benefit the most from a workshop are:
a) People who are seeking personal growth and/or development, and
b) People who are willing to fully participate in the sessions.
If you are one of these people, and you are looking for a safe environment to explore your relational, emotional and/or spiritual perspectives and circumstances, this workshop can be a valuable resource for you.
What is the cost of the workshop?
The workshop fee is $385.00 Canadian dollars. This fee includes GST and all professional resources necessary to successfully complete a workshop.

Note: Professional care is an important investment in a person’s life. It is a small financial commitment in comparison to living a life that is less than satisfying, or the surmounting costs that are being incurred from relational and/or emotional stress in today’s society.

There are no second chances in life. Your life and personal well-being are worth the investment.

What can I expect to gain from the workshop?
The Arise Workshop for Women is a professional workshop that will provide you with insight, understanding, and valuable resources for personal growth and development. Throughout the sessions, you will:

a) Identify obstacles that are inhibiting your personal well-being
b) Identify options for overcoming or removing these obstacles
c) Identify and change unhealthy thought patterns
d) Strategize options for self-improvement
e) Create and implement a detailed plan for growth and development
f) Explore your unique purpose and potentials, and
g) Set realistic goals and develop strategies to achieve these goals.