Articles by: Dr. Janice Robocon

Going Beyond . . .

It is spring! After what seems like a very long winter, I am sure that everyone in Alberta would agree that it feels great to see the sun shining and the snow gone! I love the seasons, but there is something special about spring. Everything that looks dead comes alive […]

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Life is Tough!

Life is tough! Anyone agree? I am an optimist, yet I have realized that there are times when a person’s optimism isn’t enough. When a child is hurting, there is no money to pay the bills, or a friend or family member is dying from cancer: optimism isn’t enough. Life […]

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Do you believe in yourself?

This month’s topic is epic: Do you believe in yourself? When you hear this question, what is your first response? Do you think people should believe in themselves? Or would you consider the idea – of believing in yourself – selfish? Every person’s response to this question will vary, but for some, […]

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